The Soundsproject 2023 – Heaven of Music

Promoter: TheSoundsproject&Co | Concert Venue: Allianz Ecopark

Photographer: Hafiyyan Faza, Martinus Ragita, Diyonanda, Farhan, Dons, Tubagus Rizky, Wahono Sedjati, Suagung. Assistant: Mashuri

Sunset at The Soundsproject 2023.
Enjoying the festival with Coca Cola. Sponsor mandatory.
The crowd.
Acin of The Panturas with the crowd.
The traffic.
The Panturas crowd.
Mahalini performing at the Soundsproject main stage for the first time.
Qibil and Alda killin’ it.
Jump moment, JKT48.
Metal horns moment during Cokelat performing their hits at Musicverse Stage.
Lyodra full of stars.
Special FX when RAN performing Dekat Di Hati.
Aldi Taher DJ Set with Ucup POP.
“Jatuh Hati” Raisa at The Soundsproject mainstage.
Raisa, shot from FOH.
Gig vibe only.
Nadin Amizah.
Kali Kedua by Raisa.
JKT 48.
Pandu Fuzztoni crowd surfing.
Bilal Indrajaya at Garden Stage.
Front row faces.
For Revenge.
Ari Lesmana and Nuwi Fourtwnty from the back.
Confetti for everyone.
Moneva Salon RnB DJ Set.
Ariel NOAH – “Mungkin Nanti”
Efek Rumah Kaca.
The Changcuters.
Natasha Udu kicks.
Fathia Reality Club.
Asta of RAN and the confetti.
Small stage vibe never fails.
Baloons party!
Closing moment of The Soundsproject 2023.

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